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5 Types of Hobbies That Require Minimal Investments

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5 Types of Hobbies That Require Minimal Investments

Hobbies engage our minds, lift our spirits and give us a boost to get out of bed and moving when arthritis or fatigue make it appealing to stay under the covers.

To each his own is a fitting theme when it comes to the choice of a hobby, and with so many interesting activities to try, there isn't a rule that says we can only have one. If you'd like to explore a new niche, here are five types of hobbies that require minimal investment and may work in your assisted living apartment or community.


Whether you've always fancied the idea of waltzing or square dancing, learning to dance is a surefire way to improve your health and have fun. Cardio, joint health, flexibility and balance can all be improved through this hobby, and programs like the Silver Swans Ballet by the teenage ballerina Katarina Jakimier prove that seniors are never too old to lace up their shoes and strut their stuff.


A how-to book, sketch pad, eraser and pencil are really all you need to get started drawing art. However, the forms of art are vast and provide fascinating outlets for creativity.

For example, watercolor crayons let you combine drawing with crayons with special effects once you add water, and a simple calligraphy set enables you to showcase the beauty of language and poetry in your work.


Knitting and scrapbooking are great pastimes and let you create personalized gifts for your friends and family. But you don't have to stop there. Pottery, beading and DIY projects are great fun too. A small sewing machine or hand sewing kit and fabric provide a fulfilling way to give back to the community through quilted coasters, purses or lap quilts.

Holidays also bring the chance to make a special item for someone in need through one-of-a-kind donations to charities surrounding our Colorado Springs location.


Take your pursuits outside into the fresh air through photography or stargazing. Nature walks and prayer walks are also a great way to combine mental and physical activity.

Try your hand at growing your favorite flowers or vegetables in the resident's garden here at Broadmoor Court, and during the cold weather months, add a few pots to the windowsills of your assisted living apartment to keep the uplifting benefits of nature nearby.


You're never too old to learn something new. Brush up on your favorite period in history, learn a new language or how to play an instrument, dive into documentaries about one of your favorite topics or take an online course. Internet sites like AARP.org are rich with resources on continuing education as a senior, and many universities offer free online courses with a wide variety of focuses such as math, ancestry, cooking or literature.

Hobbies are by no means isolating. Look into group activities on the calendar here in our assisted living community and check out the surrounding Colorado Springs area for clubs or classes that you'd like to join. Consider starting a group of your own as well, and meet up in the common areas or your apartment to share your discoveries and learn alongside your neighbors.