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Bring the Outdoors In: Assisted Living Décor Ideas

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Bring the Outdoors In: Assisted Living Décor Ideas

Gorgeous vistas and lovely outdoor areas are something Colorado Springs is known for, and you don't have to give up your love of the outdoors when you move into Broadmore Court's assisted living community. The landscaped grounds and outdoor patios provide safe, secure areas to enjoy warm weather outside, and you can lounge in the sunroom to read a book under natural light in any weather. During growing seasons, you can even get involved in the community-tended garden.

True outdoor lovers might be seeking a bit more time with nature, and one way to get that is to bring outdoor elements inside via assisted living apartment decor. Here are a few fun tips for sprucing up your living space with elements from Mother Earth.

Invest in a Small Fountain

Many people feel calmed by the sound of a babbling brook, and for good reason. Scientists have found that natural sounds can alter the way the brain functions, reducing fight-or-flight instincts that can cause stress or anxiety.

Add a soothing outdoor element to your assisted living apartment with a small indoor water fountain. You can purchase options that display sculptures and shapes, or simply opt for one that allows water to run across a bed of rocks.

Fill Your Apartment with Natural Sounds

Not a fan of running water in your living space? Decorate with elements that remind you of calming places, such as quiet woods or the beach, and add the sounds of nature with a CD or smartphone app. You can download a number of free smartphone apps that play relaxing music and natural sounds — they might also help you get to sleep easier.

Tend a Window Garden

Add some all-natural elements to your assisted living apartment with a window garden. Plant your favorite flowers for a pop of color, or grow herbs you can use in soap making or cooking. If you simply want something green, choose a hearty and easy-to-grow plant such as ivy.

Pamper Potted Plants

Hanging plants, small potted trees and carefully tended tabletop flowers can all add a garden ambience to your living space. Choose plants that grow well indoors and don't need constant sunlight for the best result. Position the biggest sun suckers next to windows that get a lot of light, and consider watering your plants when you take any daily medications or eat certain meals — that way you won't forget to do it.

Reclaim Wood and Branches

You don't have to have a green thumb to bring Mother Nature into your assisted living apartment. Think about reclaiming elements of the great outdoors in new ways — river rocks can be painted, and pebbles act like natural beads around picture frames. Get someone to cut and sand a fallen log and you can use it as a unique canvas for your next painting. Branches and vines can be dried and woven into wreaths, which you can adorn with fresh or faux flowers and ornaments to match the season.

Adding the beauty of nature to your apartment takes a bit of creativity, but it's a fun way to decorate your space. Start with a single bloom in a vase, or go full forest with potted greenery in every corner.