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Flu Facts For Seniors: Staying Healthy this Winter

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Flu Facts For Seniors: Staying Healthy this Winter

Flu season tends to peak from December to February, but it's never too early to learn more about influenza and how you can protect yourself. When residents at Broadmoor Court assisted living community each take the time to observe flu prevention tactics, they help keep everyone else safe too. Here's a look at some flu facts relevant to older adults.

The Flu Can Be Dangerous for Seniors

As we age, we simply don't bounce back from physical ailments and injuries as quickly as we might have in earlier years. Older adults may also have chronic health conditions, such as cardiovascular issues or diabetes, that puts them at great risk when it comes to infections like the flu or even minor colds. Because of this, even a mild flu season can be hazardous for seniors. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points out that the majority of deaths caused by flu occur in individuals that are older than 65.

This might sound scary, but residents at Broadmoor Court have some peace of mind that seniors living on their own can't always claim. The caring staff at the assisted living community works daily with you to ensure your optimal health, which means flu symptoms can be caught early. Early treatment often leads to more positive outcomes and even a reduced severity for a bout of flu.

Vaccines Are the Top Prevention Technique

You might hear a lot about the topic of vaccines, but the CDC says a flu shot is the best way to prevent flu in the first place. And since you don't even have to get a shot anymore — some practitioners offer an inhaled version of the immunization — a fear of needles is no excuse for missing this important prevention measure.

Talk to the staff at Broadmoor Court about flu shots, or ask your healthcare provider if a high-dose flu immunization is the right choice for you.

Daily Habits Can Also Help Stop the Spread of Influenza

Every resident at the assisted living community in Colorado Springs can help reduce the spread of flu germs to others. During Colorado winters, we all spend more time indoors, which can make it easier to spread germs. Some important measures to take to combat this issue include:

  • Washing your hands often, especially after eating or using the restroom
  • Limiting contact with others if you know you're sick
  • Limiting contact with those who are sick
  • Covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze

Obviously we don't want to keep friends within the community from visiting each other during times of need, but if you do visit with someone who has the flu, ensure you wash your hands after and keep from touching things within their apartment if possible.

Good housekeeping and overall sanitation is another way to reduce the spread of flu in any building, and residents at Broadmoor Court can relax knowing that we pay attention to these details. We encourage you to continue enjoying socialization, activities and common areas during flu season while taking a few extra precautions to keep everyone as healthy as possible.