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Meet Our Leadership Team

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Faith-Based Service for Our Residents

Linda K Hodges

Executive Director

Linda loves her job. She considers herself blessed because many people are not truthfully able to say that. Her passion for serving seniors began many years ago when her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She wanted to help in some way and her military service had taken her away from home. Linda has volunteered and worked in nursing homes, health fairs, and expos. Each and every day, she has the opportunity to work with a team of people who put their heart and soul into their jobs. "We enrich the lives of others, and we get so much more in return."

Chasity Steele

Health Services Director

Broadmoor Court has been Chasity’s home away from home since January 2016. Chasity pursued a career in senior living because, as a child, she would go to work with her grandma who was a nurse in a nursing home. This is a practice Chasity has continued with her children. Chasity and her children love the smiles on the resident’s faces and the stories they share. She says experiences like this makes the job very rewarding and it touches her to know that she is making their last days the best days possible.