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May and June: Great Months for Moving into an Assisted Living Community

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May and June: Great Months for Moving into an Assisted Living Community

Moving can be exciting and scary. You’ll experience the thrill of a new place and getting to design your digs from scratch, paired with the challenge of ensuring everything ends up where it belongs — including you.

May is National Moving Month — a great time to make a move to an assisted living community like Broadmoor Court. Here are a few reasons May and June make fine months for moving.

May and June Offer Good Weather

Here in Colorado Springs, May and June offer terrific weather for moving. We’re past the iffiness of early spring, and it’s too early for the heat of true summer to hit. Plan your move during this time frame to take advantage of the great weather.

While you’ll likely be relying on friends, family and professional movers to actually get your belongings into your new apartment safe and sound, everyone will be happier on moving day if it's warm and dry out.

Piggyback Off Moving Discounts by Moving at Popular Times

With schools letting out for the summer and locals moving to new locations — plus college semesters ending — many moving services are already offering great discounts during May and June. Piggyback off the moves of others and take advantage of those discounts. You’ll be able to find great professionals who can help you pack up your old location, safely move your possessions to your new assisted living community and help you get settled in.

Use Sunny Summertime to Settle into Your New Place

Did you know that taking advantage of natural sunlight can help you truly see your surroundings and decide how best to arrange your belongings and decorate your new place? May and June offer plenty of natural sunlight.

Besides that, you’ll be able to restock on your own supply of Vitamin D after a long winter and spring, so you’ll have more energy to really tackle making your new place truly your own.

Summer Is a Great Time to Meet New People

During the cold winter and cool spring months, people have a tendency to hunker down and hibernate. It’s human nature to withdraw into yourself during short, dreary days. But come summer, everyone is often energized to be out and about again.

That means your new neighbors will be more than ready to welcome you to your community and help you learn where everything is and how to get involved. More outings and outside events are planned once the weather brightens in May and June as well, giving you the opportunity to meet the great new people who are your neighbors at Broadmoor Court.

Move When Your Family and Friends Have Extra Downtime, Too

As school winds down and the vacation season begins, your friends and family have more time during May and June to help you move and visit you in your new home. And it’s early enough in the vacation season that you and they can still join in family vacations and get-togethers later in the summer, after you’ve already gotten settled in.

Plus, if you’re planning to sell your former home after moving into an assisted living community, you’ll find that summer is the perfect time to get your house on the market. Many people will be enthusiastic to check it out — and snatch it up — so they can get settled in with their family before the new school year starts.

This National Moving Month, consider making it your personal moving month and joining us here at Broadmoor Court. We can’t wait to count you as one of our own.