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Planning Ahead for 2019: Resolution Ideas for Seniors

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Planning Ahead for 2019: Resolution Ideas for Seniors

With the end of the year right around the corner, it's important to take time for reflection. By looking back, seniors can pinpoint the best and worst of the previous year and use that knowledge as a guide when planning ahead for 2019.

An honest assessment of their habits, activities and emotions will allow seniors to create goals that are meaningful on a personal level. This makes it easier to stay motivated and help them create clearly defined goals. Broad generalizations are harder to achieve and more likely to fail within the first few weeks or months due to lack of interest or uncertainty about how to proceed.

When seniors choose a goal and create a path to that goal, it helps them succeed in their original intention and encourages them to create new ones and continue to improve. Here are some common categories of resolution ideas for seniors.


Most resolutions involve losing weight or improving eating habits; however, by targeting a specific weakness they want changed, seniors can increase their health in steps without becoming overwhelmed or discouraged.

A good example would be acknowledging a sweet tooth and identifying a habit of overindulging while watching TV. A simple solution would be to exchange a handful of cookies or a bag of M&Ms which are easy to finish in a short amount of time for some fresh fruit or an old-fashioned candy stick that can last the duration of a program. This helps seniors reduce calories without feeling deprived.

Speak with your health care provider and the staff here in Broadmoor Court for more advice on specific changes that would improve your personal health.


Strengthening bonds with the people in your life is a natural place to turn for resolution ideas. Seniors may want to aim for reconnecting with loved ones they haven't seen in years, in person if health permits or through video chats, email and snail mail.

Another choice would be to make it a priority to spend one-on-one time with someone that needs extra support. It could be a friend who's struggling with a loss or a family member who is becoming overwhelmed in their personal lives and could use the comfort of your experience and encouragement. Pay close attention to grandchildren who are reaching an awkward age and their parents who might be feeling anxious. A steady presence in their lives can make all the difference in the world when their facing insecurities.


Learning is a thrilling way to start a new year. Seniors can pursue a mastery of one their hobbies or try out something new altogether. Educational kits and online courses let you see the detail of how the world works by exploring history, science and engineering in depth, and crafting groups provide a way to channel creativity and emotions into tangible items.

Second languages are a popular topic. Seniors can opt to brush up on one they learned in the past but have forgotten or try learning the same one as their school-age grandchildren. If an entire language is daunting, tackle something smaller such as memorizing hello in a different language each week and using it to greet friends.

 Look into your assisted living community's activity calendar for a chance to experience new things and speak with staff members about locating and participating in educational opportunities in the local Colorado Springs area in topics that you find stimulating.