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Safe Swaps: How to Fill Your Assisted Living Apartment With Functional Peace of Mind

Safe Swaps: How to Fill Your Assisted Living Apartment With Functional Peace of Mind

Here at Broadmoor Court we know that a small change can have a big impact. By actively reducing safety issues within their apartments, seniors can reduce their stress and enhance their daily lives. To get started, think over the tasks that may be difficult for you to complete safely, such as getting up during the night, or activities that might pose a safety risk like burning candles.

Talk with staff members and your family about steps you could take to improve these areas such as using an LED flameless candle or adding plug-in nightlights instead of corded table lamps on the path you take to the bathroom. Here are some other safe swaps that you can try out today.

1. Alternative Can Openers

The daily menus and flexible hours in the dining room make it easier to eat healthy at meal times, but when a snack craving hits, sometimes its nice to pop a can of soup or mixed fruit in your own apartment. To avoid the sharp edges that traditional can openers create, switch to an automatic safety can opener. These handy devices adapt to a range of can sizes and tops, so you can effortlessly enjoy your favorite treats.

2. Tomato Holder

Instead of using a cutting board and holding onto vegetables as you slice them, which might cause you to accidentally cut your hands, try a holder like Joie Tomato Slicer when you want to enjoy your cooking hobby. This handy item lets you simply place fruits and vegetables in the center and cut through the slats with a knife. The resulting slices are even in size and perfect for adding to a sandwich or salad.

3. Easy-Grip Flatware and Mugs

Hot coffee, tea and soup are great ways to start your day or warm up in cold weather, but shaky hands and arthritic fingers can make it hard to safely grip utensils and mugs, leading to scalding dangers. Alleviate these problems with a dual-handled mug from Granny Jo Products and OXO Goodgrips easy-grip flatware. These simple items can help prevent spills and let you continue to enjoy your favorite hot liquids.

4. Wool Bedding

If you suffer from asthma and allergies, there's a good chance you already have heard about or use pillow and mattress covers to reduce dust mites in your bed. Another way to battle allergens and sleep better is to switch to wool bedding. Wool wicks moisture away naturally, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter while reducing the humidity dust mites need to thrive.

5. Bed Jackets

Balancing warmth, comfort and safety when selecting clothing to wear while resting can be hard. Long robes keep your entire upper body warm, but they can get tangled up around your legs and cause a falling hazard. Sweaters are warm and short, but they can be difficult to put on and remove when you're recovering from an illness or fatigued. The return of the classic bed jacket provides an ideal alternative to these casual clothes, allowing you to easily slip on an extra layer that's both comfortable and safe.

6. GrandPad

If you don't understand (or simply don't like) the complicated tablets and cell phones that your children and grandchildren offer you, switching to a GrandPad may be a great solution. Its simple interface and private network let you stay in contact with family through phone calls, live video, emails and photos. This network is secured and only accessible by you and trusted members, so you never have to worry about memorizing passwords or receiving potentially harmful scam and telemarketing calls.