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Thrive Health Systems educates the Broadmoor Court Team on Stress in the Workplace

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Thrive Health Systems educates the Broadmoor Court Team on Stress in the Workplace

In order to care best for residents in their home at Broadmoor Court Assisted Living, Executive Director Linda Hodges knows we have to watch for signs of stress in team members, and support their health and wellness. That’s why the team invited Thrive Health Systems to educate them on Stress in the Workplace. Dr. Erik Arter, DC, empowered team members to identify and prevent stress. He shared tips to help live a healthy, active lifestyle, pointing out that we choose to focus on our health, and not without effort.

Stress, happens when we are short-sighted. And inevitably affects all caregivers, both professionals and families going it alone at home. Stress is a cause of 94% of all diseases, and a key reason family members consider community living for a loved one.

Dr. Arter spoke about three types of stress:

  1. physical
  2. biochemical
  3. mental emotional

Some causes include being overweight, dehydration, and emotional support.

Watch for the warning signs of stress:

  • • headaches
  • • numbness or tingling in the extremities
  • • asthma/allergies
  • • sciatica
  • • insomnia/anxiety
  • • sinus pressure
  • • acid reflux
  • • IBS, gastrointestinal distress, constipation, & ulcers
  • • depression
  • • fatigue

Stress and related symptoms can cause ANTS: Automatic Negative Thoughts.

Broadmoor Court continually encourages residents to participate in activities and events that stimulate them. Our activities director is continually adding new activities to encourage engagement with residents which makes their lives fuller and happier. Planning, participating and looking forward to activities and events significantly makes a positive change in attitude for residents and relieves stress.

Thrive Health Systems is a one-stop-shop for natural, whole-body health in Denver, Atlanta, and Colorado Springs. The Broadmoor Court team appreciates the time Dr. Erik After, DC took to educate our team.